****2018 RULES COMING SOON****

PYLGSA 6th Annual Holiday Classic



The 2017 ASA Official Rules of Softball and the Southern California ASA Rules and Regulations shall be enforced at this event except as modified herein.


A. Game Time


Pool games will drop dead at one (1) hour, twenty (20) minutes, and may end in a tie. If the visiting team is up at the time game is called, the score shall revert back to the last completed inning; if the home team is up at the time game is called and they are losing the game, the score shall revert to the last completed inning; if the home team is up to bat at the time game is called and the home team has tied up the game in that half inning, the score shall stand and will not revert back; if the home team is up to bat at the time game is called and the visiting team has tied up the game in the previous half inning, the score will revert back to the last completed inning.  If the home team is up to bat and is leading, the score shall stand and will not revert back.


In the event of adverse weather conditions, the Umpire and or Tournament Director have the right to stop and or end a game due to poor playing conditions.


The following will constitute a complete game:

The time limit has elapsed or 3 innings have been completed (2-1/2 if the home team is leading).


  1. Elimination games will start no new inning after one (1) hour, twenty five (25) minutes, and must have a winner. In the event of a tie, the ‘Tie-Breaker Rule’ shall be in effect after 7 innings (6 innings for 8U and 10U) or once the time limit is exceeded in elimination bracket games.
  2. The championship game of each division shall not have a time limit.
  3. The ASA ‘run ahead rule’ shall be used in ALL divisions.
  4. Game time is forfeit time.


    B.  Check-in


  1. Check-in at the Snack Bar 1 hour prior to your first game.

    Teams that fail to check-in shall have all pool play games declared a forfeit.

  2. You must show a copy of your league’s proof of insurance and turn in a copy of your roster.


    C. Ground rules for the tournament:


  1. No pre-game practice or warm-ups of any kind (including the pitcher) will be permitted on the dirt area of the field.
  2. All teams must use silent warm ups before the first game of the day on Saturday and Sunday morning. Our field permits don’t allow us to use the fields until the actual game time. No cheering, yelling or loud noise is allowed before the first game. Penalty for violation of this rule is forfeiting the game.
  3. The team listed first or on the top of the bracket shall occupy the 3rd base dugout, except in back-to-back games played on the same field, in which case the team playing the consecutive game does not change dugouts.  Each team will completely clean their dug out after use.
  4. Home team will provide the official scorekeeper for the game.
  5. Home team is determined by a coin toss at the pre-game meeting with the umpires and managers.
  6. Game balls for the tournament will be provided, and will be the only balls used.  Worth ‘RIF’ 11” Level 1 for 10-U, and the Worth Dream Seam 12” for 12U.
  7. Ties in pool standings as well as overall age group seeding will be determined by the following, in order:



IF THREE (or more) WAY TIE

Win-Loss Record

Win-Loss Record

Head to Head

Runs Allowed

Runs Allowed

Runs Scored

Runs Scored

Coin Toss

Coin Toss




D. Protests


  1. Protests for games will not be allowed.  The umpire’s decision is final.
  2. Protests for eligibility for the following issues will be allowed;
    1. Players not listed on the roster, or listed on multiple rosters.
    2. Players do not meet age requirements of USA Softball of So Cal.
      1. If there is an age protest, the team manager must show proof of age of the player in question or the player may be declared ineligible.  The game will be forfeited by the team under protest and the player may not participate in any further games until proof of protest are clarified.


E. Clarifications


  1. If there is a delay in the schedule, it is the responsibility of the team manager to check the bracket boards and contact the tournament director for possible game time and/or field changes.
  2. Tobacco products including CHEW of any type are prohibited on school facilities.  The same is prohibited from the dugouts and field of play.
  3. Alcoholic beverages, BBQ’s, and illegal drugs are prohibited from the facilities, including all parking lots.  Teams will be immediately disqualified if they or their families violate this rule.
  4. All uniforms and equipment must meet ASA standards.


F. Sportsmanship


  1. Team Managers are responsible and must have control of their players, coaches and team followers at all times including on and off the field of play.
  2. All game participants must remain inside the dugout at all times.
    1. Only registered players, and a maximum of FOUR (4) coaches, may act as game participants.
    2. EXCEPTION:  Base coaches or as allowed by the umpire.
  3. Umpires and/or Tournament Director and/or UIC shall have the responsibility and authority to eject (out of sight and sound) any team personnel or spectators for abusive language, charging, bumping, shoving, striking, threatening to players, coaching staff, spectator or team from the tournament or facility.  Umpires and the tournament UIC shall also have the authority and responsibility to eject (out of sight and sound) per ASA Rules and Code.









10U and 12U Rule Modifications



The following Rule Modifications apply during Pool Play AND Bracket Play:


Teams must either bat using ASA Rules or they may bat their entire line up (Round robin batting).  If a team elects to bat their entire lineup, the following tournament rules apply:


  1. The manager must turn in a lineup sheet to the umpire at the pre-game conference.
    1. Once the lineup is given to the umpire it is official and may not be changed.
  2. If a player is injured during the game or leaves for any reason, an out will be declared each time the player is supposed to bat.
  3. A team batting their entire lineup may use free substitution on all defensive positions during the half inning.  Pitching changes can be made at any time per ASA rules.  All pitching changes must be reported to the umpire.
  4. A team batting their entire lineup MAY NOT use courtesy runners.
  5. One team may use an ASA lineup and their opponent may use round robin batting during the same game.






8U Rule Modifications

The following Rule Modifications apply during Pool Play AND Bracket Play:


  1. 10 defense players
    1. All outfielders must remain behind the base path until ball is HIT or put in to play
    2. The 10th fielder and any outfielders may not make plays in the infield unless the ball has been hit and put in play.
  2. All teams must bat “Round Robin.”
  3. The infield fly rule is NOT in effect.
  4. The dropped third strike rule is NOT in effect.
  5. Only 1 base may be stolen per pitch.
    1. If a player steals an additional base beyond what she is allowed, and is tagged out, she is OUT.
    2. If a player steals an additional base beyond what she is allowed, and reaches the next base safely, the umpire will call “DEAD BALL” and return the runners to the appropriate bases. 
      1. Please note if the player is off the base and the ball is live, she is liable to be tagged out.
  6. Home plate is closed unless the ball is hit OR as awarded by the umpire.
  7. There will be a maximum of five (5) runs scored per half inning.
  8. The 6th inning will be considered the last inning of a regulation game, and will not be subject to a run limit.